Spylaw Park

Location: Colinton

Spylaw Park is a small but well used park located within the Water of Leith’s valley in the Colinton area of Edinburgh.  The Mushroom Trust donated funds towards path upgrades, path corridor clearance and further path works. Spylaw Park was awarded Green Flag status in July 2014. The park has received continual support from the local council and a number of volunteers.

West Pilton Park

Location: Pilton: North Edinburgh

This park is situated in North Edinburgh in the local community of Pilton. The trustees provided funds for local involvement in planting schemes for new trees and modest herbal planting. The local community also engaged with the Park Action Group to support ongoing maintenance.

Hailes Quarry Park

Location: Edinburgh

Since 2006, the Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust (ELGT) has been working on an ongoing project to make environmental improvements to Hailes Quarry Park. The Mushroom Trust has been donating funds towards Hailes Quarry Park resulting in a series of improvements, such as the creation  of a new cycle way and childen’s play park, and the installation of features to make the park more welcoming and accessible through enhanced entrances, seating and handrails. ELGT has organised a number of events to involve the local community in activities within the park. These encourage people to use the park for healthy living, exercise, enjoyment and recreation. In recognition of all these achievements, Hailes Quarry Park was awarded a Green Flag in 2012.

The Impact

"The Mushroom Trust has been supporting ELGT since 2004 which has enabled over 58 projects to be delivered with financial contributions totalling £421,726. This has involved a number of environmental enhancement projects involving tree and hedge planting which have increased the biodiversity in the region. There have been a number of community events and skills development workshops which have encouraged the local communities to use and look after their local greenspaces.

The Mushroom Trust has made a major contribution to the on-going support for Hailes Quarry Park which has been transformed over the past 12 years. This has involved the development of a horticultural enhancement strategy, creation of new entrances and an eco-sculpture art installation resulting in the park being more interesting for visitors. The creation of a new bike track and play park has encouraged further use of the park by local children and Hailes Quarry Park also has the City’s first outdoor green gym. In 2016 Mushroom Trust supported the creation of a new wetland area and the ongoing planting of parkland trees and plants which have enhanced the biodiversity value of the park.”

Charlie Cumming , Chief Executive

Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust


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